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8 Dietary Tips For People with Lung Cancer




Lung cancer is a difficult problem all over the world, and it accounts for a great percentage of the total cancer death. For person with lung cancer, having proper diet is important. Following are some dietary advices for someone with lung cancer:

Get enough protein

According to American Cancer Society, deficiency of protein will delay the healing of lung cancer. It’s recommended to consume high-quality protein items in your diet if you’re suffering from lung cancer, including fish, egg whites and a small amount of beef.

Eat more vegetables and fruits

Add more vegetables and fruits in a lung cancer patient’s diet, they will boost the metabolism and energy levels.

Drink more green tea

Drink at least 2 cups of green tea every day, as this super drink is believed to be with almost 500 times of antioxidants than vitamin C sources.

The magic of lycopene

Foods such as tomatoes, watermelon and papaya contain lycopene, which disrupts the growth of cancerous cells and prevents cancer from being severe.

Small servings and more times

Provide small frequent meals throughout the day will help the patient is getting sufficient amounts of protein, carbohydrates as well as other nutrients.

Ginger tea to ease an upset stomach

For relieving an upset stomach, sip a cup of ginger or mint tea will help. They can also help strengthen the immunity due to the high levels of antioxidants.

Enough fiber intake

Due to the treatment, a lung cancer patient may suffer from constipation. Include high fiber foods in the daily diet will help, such as oatmeal and whole-grain products.

Make vegetables soft

Steam the vegetables to make them easy to chew and swallow, because for some lung cancer patients, they may feel difficult to swallow foods.

Note: Always talk with your doctor or dietician to determine the proper diet.




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