About Company

Yaghoot Tajhiz International is one of Yaghoot Rooyan International Group Subsidiaries. The company is located in Tehran, Iran. Yaghoot  Rooyan International

Group, through its subsidiaries, currently owns the exclusive agency rights of more than 25 American and European reliable manufacturer companies within the field of  Medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, APIs, hair & skin care treatment products, food supplements and herbal medicine for more than 22 years.


Yaghoot Tajhiz International Co. by benefit of expert staff and professional purchasing department has gotten the

Exclusive Agency rights of European and Asian companies and with support of strong Sales and Marketing teams, Professional distributors, consisting of 140 specialized medical representatives who are dedicated to pay continuously Visits to more than 23000 of specialists at Hospitals and specialized Clinics all over the country and also active attendance in local exhibitions, we have been able to allocate remarkable percentage of market share to ourselves.

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