Duties and scope of powers

Duties and scope of powers of Yaghout Tajhiz Company

- Providing and compiling business and operational strategies in specialized area and strategic sites of the respective area
- Study, identifying and prioritizing, of target markets in the specialized area
- Review of orders, project definition and division of tasks among members in the view of their potentials and indicating their inclination
- Planning for meetings and visitation of legal and real entities and providing and compiling a financial model as the case may require
- Market promoting and documenting for development of import of more products
- Informing with respect to modern technologies in medical world to physicians and specialists
- Popular culturalization with respect to innovation of modern technology of updated medical industry
- Recording knowledge and experiences, associated with specialized area and identifying opportunities for improvement and corrective measures
- Design and designating a formulation for estimation of cost price of imported products
- Identifying level of existing technology in the globe and communicating the said technology for import promotion in Iran
- Search and identifying specialized key words for bench-marketing studies in the respective area
- Future-query and adopting expedient policies for overwhelming probable problems and expediting achievement of goals
- Other items for macro strategies of Yaghout Tajhiz Company and business in specialized area and adopted policies
- Recognizing and study of target markets
- Obtaining representations
- Startup of a website both in English and French
- Inviting mangers and specialists of foreign manufacturing companies
- Concluding a protocol/letter of understandings for mutual cooperation
- Concluding exclusive contracts with respective foreign companies
- Cooperating and assisting with associate companies for expansion of import activities

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