Manager Director Message

f_300_250_16777215_00_images_modiran2.jpgMajesty! What has been started by your name and memory will be eternal and what has been formed for you will be immortal. So we begin with your name! glory the  God that the speakers are unable to adore him and stars do not learn to count his gifts and non of can success to bring his thanksgiving. It is the utmost pleasure and honor that I have found the merit for cooperating with Yaghoot Rooyan International Group. Today, to use more collections capability, efficiency ,creating value, and  flexibility in their business activities, Organizations prefer  to do their activities in the “Holding “ format to promote them self in  higher levels of global activity.
Yaghoot Tajhiz International Company is affiliated to Yaghoot Rooyan International Group that, thank to prudent and strategic investments & imports in drug industries, medicines, treatments, medical devices active in the medical community, and hopes to play an effective role in the comprehensive development of Iran. To achieve this aim, making use of potentials, relative profits, and existing opportunities in our country and region has been put in our agenda. We try to take advantage of specialized human capital in order to achieve strategic goals and pre-defined missions.


Engineer Sanam Ghatan
Manager Director

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