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Consuming Oil Fish Supplements reduces the effects of air pollution

Consuming oil fish supplements reduces respective effects of air pollution. 
Considering a study contracted earlier, it has been revealed that consuming oil fish supplements reduces the effects of air pollution on heart. 
As reported by Environmental Health News website, air pollution is a combination of gases and particles of solid and liquid matters. 
Billion individuals all over the world live in the places with severe air pollution. 
Study of the people who are exposed to air pollution has revealed that existing micropollutants in air lead to various health problems such as asthma, cerebral stroke, arrhythmia and cardiac failure. 
It is assumed that existing micropollutants in air cause level of lipid of body be changed. Moreover, there are different evidences confirming that the said micropollutants also increase risk of cardiovascular diseases and mortalities caused by the same. 
This is the first study, which is contracted on the relationship between consuming oil fish supplements and retraction of the effects of air on heart. It is revealed that slight changes in daily diet may nullify some effects of air pollution on health. 
Achievements of the said study are of great importance for the people who live in certain places of the world where severe air pollution exists. 
The said study revealed that heartbeats and level of lipid of the individuals, who have consumed oil fish supplements for one month and exposed to air pollution have shown slight changes. Heartbeats and level of lipid are regarded as two scales for measurement of heart health. 
In the aforesaid study, researchers divided 29 persons of 50-70 years old into two groups. One group was given olive oil supplement and another group was provided with fish oil supplement respectively. 
The said persons live in the environment with severe air pollution. 
The aforesaid individuals enjoyed perfect health and had no past diabetes, cardiovascular or pulmonary disorders. Moreover, the aforesaid persons didn’t smoke for at least one year. 
According to the aforesaid study, after they were exposed to severe level of air pollution, heartbeats of the individuals who have consumed olive oil fish supplements have noticeably been decreased. 
Moreover, researchers found that respective group, which has consumed olive oil, level of two kinds of lipids in the blood have increased after they were exposed to air pollution. While such increase has not been sensible in the group that has consumed fish oil supplements. 
This is the first study revealing that consuming oil fish may reduce symptoms of cardiovascular disorders due to exposure to polluted air. The results of the said study are more reliable evidence, compared to other studies, which have been done in the said field so far, with respect to role of fish oil in reducing cardiovascular complications arising from air pollution. 
The said achievements are of great importance for the people who live in cities and places where quality of air is undesirable. 
Fish oil is full of unsaturated fatty acids of Omega 3, which prevents decrease of heartbeats due to exposure to polluted air, as it is said. 
Decrease of heartbeats is associated with death and development of arrhythmia.  
The results of the said study reveal that consuming fish oil capsules as a personal measure may be regarded as a cost-effective strategy for health protection.

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